[Vmail-discuss] Finally... vmail-0.4

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 00:52:35 -0700

On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 01:41:43PM +0100, Paul Warren wrote:
> vmail-sql 0.4 is now available from:
> 	http://www.ex-parrot.com/~chris/vmail-sql/


1. I noticed some SQL things,


  query = "select remote_name from forwarder, domain where local_part = '$local_part' and
forwarder.domain_name = domain.domain_name and domain.domain_name = '$domain'"

is equivalent to:
        select remote_name from forwarder
          where local_part = '$local_part' and domain_name = '$domain'

Ditto the other query.

2. In default user, "local_part = '_default_'" how do you feel about
   changing that to '*'? The reasoning is a) people could conceivably
   want _default_ as a valid email b) it translates directly into
   something exim can understand in its lsearch* lookup type. (Can
   anyone tell b) is the real motivator? :-) Why I'm doing this is
   trying to put all the data in CDB format generated from a database on
   account of exim's constantly re-exec'ing/re-connecting architecture
   which mitigates against targetting a database in a big system.


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