[Vmail-discuss] exim + vmail config

Ian Wormsbecker i.wormsbecker@xxxxxxxx
11 Dec 2001 16:17:58 -0500

I am attempting to get exim working with vmail. I have created the mysql
tables and have used the VE-* scripts to put a few test users into the
database. That works flawlessly (except VE-domain add <host> tells me to
run VE-pop which doesn't exist, but I found that VE-popbox is the one I
want anyway). My problem is that exim always gives me the following

2001-12-12 09:58:47 refused relay (host) to <tom@virtdomain1.com> from
<i.wormsbecker@uleth.ca> H=tomts7.bellnexxia.net
(tomts7-srv.bellnexxia.net) []

If inside my exim.conf file I changed qualify_domain = virtdomain1.com
then all works fine. But this only enables me to receive mail for one
domain name. 

Am I missing a setting in my exim.conf file to receive for more than one
domain? I have quadruple checked to ensure I have all the exim.conf
settings exactly the same as in the README. I also noticed the README
with vmail-sql-0.5 is different than the README on the web, so I tried
the settings on the web as well to no avail.

If desired, I can send my full exim.conf and some output from the mysql

Any help or suggestions as to where to look would be greatly appreciated