[Vmail-discuss] Webmail for vmail-sql

Alex Fore afore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 14:30:52 -0400

Ok, I just got vmail sql up and running on my test-bed email server here,
after a few confusions and much learning about exim and mysql of which i had
no previous experience. I am setting up vmail-sql for a email server here,
and we are currently using poponly user accounts + sendmail + cucipop +
neomail for webmail access. My question is, does anyone know of a gpl
webmail application that works nice with vmail-sql, and won't force me to do
a whole lot of configuration (for each domain -- i am ok with one time major
config pain in the ass).

I am considering openwebmail (which is based on neomail), but I think it has
too many features and will just be a pain in my ass (as the server admin) to
set up and update whenever we add new domains & users, etc. I like neomail,
it rules -- plain, simple & pleasing to look at. But it reads directly from
mail spool files and uses unix authentication. I am no programmer, and the
extent of my programming experience is shell scripts, and some sql abilites
(not too good at them yet either).

I dont think it would be too hard to modify neomail for this task, it has a
modularized checklogin script (in perl), and it probly would not be hard to
make it set the senders return addy to user@domain from the login
user%domain. The second of these i could hack out, but the 1st is a little
above my perl abilites.

thanks for any info,