[tpop3d-discuss]Motivated Sellers With Jam Please?

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<p>Motivated sellers with jam please?</p>
<p>From:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; David Z with 1800PAYCASH: <BR>
  Email:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <A href="mailto:dave4@1800paycash.com?subject=More information on 1800paycash program">davez@1800paycash.com</A><BR>
  Phone:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;   888. 865.0755 ext 325<BR>
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  Fellow Investor, Let's face it. Real estate investors live   in a jam-packed marketing world. It reminds me of a speaker I heard recently at   a seminar. He had a neat gimmick for getting people's attention. He had a huge   glass jar on stage with him. He'd tell the audience he was going to fill up the   jar. Then he did. With rocks. Rocks about half the size of a woman's fist. Then,   he'd tell the audience the jar was full and could they see that? When people in   the audience said yes, he would say "Hold on a minute. The jar isn't really   full." Then, he would dump gravel into the jar which would settle in the spaces   between the rocks. He would then proclaim the jar full. When the audience agreed   he'd say "No, the jar is not full yet." Then, he'd put sand in the jar. The sand   would settle in spaces between the gravel and the rocks. Again he would proclaim   the jar full, and then, he'd tell them otherwise. Then, he'd put water in the   jar and announce, at last, the jar was finally full. My point is this: In the   dog eat dog world of real estate investing: Motivated sellers are the jar. And,   real estate investors are the rocks, sand and water fighting to be the first   ones to fill it up with their own marketing messages. Wanna see some jam-packing   going on in everyday life? </p>
<p>Come to my town and I'll show you 670+ real estate investors blitzing   motivated sellers with stuff like this on a daily basis: Car and truck signs,   bandit signs on poles, flyers stuffed in bags, flyers under windshield wipers,   big post cards, small postcards, real letters, fake letters, ads in the   classifieds, ads in magazines, ads in the yellow pages, ads on grocery bags, ads   on grocery carts, cold calling in person, cold calling via voice blasts,   knocking on doors, and bombarding them with countless web ads. And the list goes   on. Sounds like the jar is full, doesn't it? Well it's not. Can I let you in on   a secret? Just a few years ago we were part of this herd fighting over scraps   using every guerilla marketing technique in the book. Back then it was a   struggle to consistently buy 2-3 houses a month. Today, we average 6-8 houses   per month and have one of the largest real estate investing operations in our   town. How did we do it? Pretty simple, really. <BR>
  We changed the marketing   ground rules. Rather than duke it out with everyone else using the same old worn   out marketing techniques, we decided to fight the fight elsewhere. The fight I'm   talking about I'm talking about is in mass media. Specifically, TV, radio and   billboards. In this environment, we saw little if any legitimate competition. We   were able to reach tens of thousands of homeowners with each ad. We were able to   achieve a cost per thousand in the $2 range. We were able to increase our call   volume 416%. But more importantly, we were able to triple our profits. OK,   here's the best part. You can do it too. Within a matter of weeks, you can start   running TV, radio and billboard ads on your own and start getting immediate   results. Here's how it works: You can license our entire advertising and   marketing system. We license our territories based on TV markets. <BR>
  This   license includes access to all of our current and future TV, radio and billboard   spots. All of our advertising is tattooed with the 1-800-PAY-CASH vanity number.   As calls come pouring in off your 1-800-PAY-CASH campaigns the calls get routed   to your local office or answering service. You control the lead. You control the   deal. No huge upfront franchise fees. No backend transaction fees. No haircuts   off your advertising buys. And we will never force you to share your leads with   other investors. That's right, true blue exclusivity. Think of this as a   comprehensive marketing system that can put the "house-buying" side of your   business on auto-pilot. How would you like to:<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cherry pick only the   best deals and leave the scraps for your competition<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Get an endless   parade of referrals based on a TV and radio "buzz"<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Watch your call   volume explode and grow by as much as 416%<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Discover how to harness   the power of direct response advertising<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Cut your cost per lead in   half while tripling the amount of money you make<BR>
  &middot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Start making much   more money with less effort right now! Need proof?<BR>
  Here's what Steve from   Philadelphia has to say: "I'm very happy with the 1-800-PAYCASH program. I have   been in the program going on 3 months now and have bought between 12 and 13   houses. Needless to say, I have financially done very well. My phone rings off   the hook and I am very happy with the quality of the leads I am getting. At one   time, I was in another lead generation program and switched to 1-800-PAYCASH   because of their name and I felt they had a superior program. Thanks." <BR>
  Check out what Andy has experienced in the Carolinas: "When I saw   1-800-PAY-CASH, I knew right away that this is a superior product. As soon as   people see the advertisements, they see credibility. They see a well-organized   business. They see hope that they can finally sell their house to these people   who are serious, and they are not just some newbie investors trying to tie up a   house in some slim chance that they can close." <BR>
  Interested? Want to   learn more? The time to act is now. Most of the major territories have already   sold out. And in many cases, we have waiting lists 3 and 4 people deep. Your   best bet would be to call me. In just a few short minutes, I can walk you   through the program, provide you with territory availability and give you some   ballpark costs. Please give me a call as soon as you can. I can be reached at   888-865-0755 ext 325<BR>
  . For general information, check out our "Become a   Licensee" section&nbsp;or shoot me an email at dave1@1800paycash.com. I appreciate   your interest in the program and I look forward to talking with you in person.   Yours for profitable investing, Dave Z Co-Founder, 1-800-PAYCASH Best   Regards,<BR>
  David Z 1800PAYCASH LLC:<BR>
  <A href="mailto:dave4@1800paycash.com">email:&nbsp;davez@1800paycash.com phone: </A><BR>
  888.865.0755 ext 325 <BR>
  web: <A href='http://wough.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E4341464641470E430E400E414743414643430E08.aspx'>Become a   Licensee</A><BR>
  2525 E. Main St. &middot; Bexley, OH 43209</p>
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