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			  <p>start your bidding here<br />
				<a href='http://irskin.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E4341414A41450E430E400E414742444344440E08.aspx' title="visit Bid4Mortgage.com" style="color:#6682B5; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold;"><font size="3">www.bid4mortgage.com</font></a></p>
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				<h3 style="background:#B9B5A8; border-bottom:1px solid #999; color:#fff; font-size:16px; padding:5px 0;">Service Highlights</h3>
				<ul style="text-align:left; margin:1em 2em 1.5em 2.5em; line-height:14px;">
					<li>Bidding is done manually.</li>
					<li>Free unlimited prospects with no other fees to you or the consumer.</li>
					<li>Signing up is easy and done directly on the site 24 hours per day.</li>
					<li>Free to consumers.</li>
					<li>Consumer requests are verified with email verification.</li>
					<li>Bidding is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.</li>
					<li>Bid deadlines are the next full business day at 7pm Central time.</li>
					<li>Members receive a &quot;member since&quot; date as well as allowing consumers to rate their experience with using you.</li>
					<li>For Residential Real Estate transactions (including lots/land only, cabins/2nd homes, new construction, farms/acreage, etc.), investment properties, and commercial properties.</li>
		<div id="main">
		<img src="http://images.irskin.com/img/b/bid4mtg/0101/house.jpg" style="margin-bottom:1em;" alt="Unlimited bidding for $120 per year" width="275" height="250" />
		<ul style="font-size:12px; font-weight:bold; margin-left:1em; color:#3C5336;">
			<li>Sign up in as many areas as you wish for the one time yearly fee.</li>
			<li>No referral fees, lead fees, or add on fees to you or the consumer!</li>
			<li>You are notified when new requests are submitted in the areas you signed up.</li>
		<p>Each member receives a &quot;why pick me&quot; page where they can upload their picture and/or logo and a bio area 
		to let consumers know why they should pick you... at no additional cost.  You can sign up as a lender and an agent under 
		same account, but two separate memberships of $120 each (if properly licensed to do so).  Must be properly licensed to do 
		business in the areas you are signed up. Members will be provided statistics of how many opportunities they have had to bid, 
		how many times they have been picked in the top 4, how many times in the top 1, and how many times their &quot;why pick 
		me&quot; page was viewed.  Members will also be able to view the winning bids, not who the winning bidder was, but the 
		winning bid itself.If you are great at what you do and/or specialize in a niche, we would love to 
		have you become a member of the site. How many deals would you need to close in a year to recoup your $120?</p>
	<div style="width:550px; text-align:center; padding:5px 0; border:1px solid #999; background:#E3DDCE;">
		<p>Copyright 2006 Bid4Mortgage, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Patent Pending.</p>
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