[tpop3d-discuss]Non profit Directory Available

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Press release

The Non-Profit Directory  is now available.

This publication  contains more than 85,000 Non-Profit organizations 
and Foundations located in both the United States and Canada.
It is fully searchable with Acrobat Reader and makes it easy to look 
for keywords in the document. You will find a wealth of information 
to either finance your next project or team up with other organizations.

You will have access to: Non-Profit name, Clickable URLS to their website 
and a full description of their activities and objectives.

The publication is sold for $149.95

To order please call: 450-224-wask(9275)

If you do not wish to receive communication from us in the future please 
write "nop" in the subject line to: rmv123@writeme.com