[tpop3d-discuss]GTEC Launches Lotus Pharmaceuticals for "Multi-Billion Dollar Hypertension Drug Market"

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    <td colspan="2" style="padding:10px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px"><p align="center"><font size="6"><strong><font color="#660000" face="Times New Roman, Times, serif"><em>Genesis China </em><font color="#000000">(GTEC)</font><em> could be your <font color="#CC0000"><br>
      &quot;China Strategy" </font><br>
      for your Investment Portfolio. </em></font></strong></font></p>
      <p align="justify"><img src="http://images.volisito.com/img/g/gtec/11142005/abtimg1.jpg" width="210" height="134" align="left"><font size="4">Like "adding wings to a tiger", Genesis China converts strategy and action into economic performance. </font><br>
      Genesis has established and maintains effective relationships and contacts with various governmental agencies, public institut ions , and private industries in China at both national and provincial levels; such as China International Intelletech, Shanghai United Assets &amp; Equity Exchange , the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, State Development Planning Commission, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, State Drug Administration, China National Federation of Textile Industries and the China National Center for Biotechnology Development. Genesis can assist companies in any of the following ways: </p>      
        <li><span class="maintext"><img src="http://images.volisito.com/img/g/gtec/11142005/10.jpg" width="200" height="133" hspace="10" vspace="20" align="right"></span>Sourcing &amp; development of business alliances, joint ventures and partnerships between and within the U.S. and China for a variety of purposes, including: </li>
          <li>Sourcing and establishing manufacturing facilities in China </li>
            <li>Extending sales and distribution channels </li>
            <li>Assist in finding products for distribution in the U.S. </li>
            <li>Import/Export </li>
            <li>Technology transfer &amp; licensing </li>
        <li>Legal, financial and planning assistance for U.S. and Chinese companies wishing to enter the U.S. public markets. </li>
        <li>Legal, financial and planning assistance for U.S. companies wishing to effectively enter the Chinese market. </li>
        <li>Sourcing complementary U.S. and Chinese companies for Mergers &amp; Acquisitions. </li>
        <li>Outsour ing technology solutions via a network of designers and programmers in China.</li>
      </ul>      </td>
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    <td colspan="2" style="padding:10px;font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:12px"><p align="center"><font size="4"><strong>Genesis Equity Partners Launches Lotus Pharmaceuticals for <br>
      &quot;Multi-Billion Dollar Hypertension Drug Market&quot;</strong></font></p>
      <p>BOCA RATON, Fla., April 3, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Genesis  Technology Group, Inc. (OTC BB:<a href='http://volisito.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E43434B4240470E40420E400E41464A4B444B4A0E08.aspx'>GTEC.OB</a> - <a href='http://volisito.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E43434B4240470E40420E400E41464A4B4540430E08.aspx'>News</a>) announced that the  name and corporate entity of Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has been officially  established in the State of Florida for one of China's most respected and  innovative drug development, medical device, and retail drug store enterprises.  Through its subsidiary, Genesis Equity Partners, the Company owns a substantial  portion of Lotus, which is scheduled to become a U.S.  publicly traded company during 2006.&nbsp; </p>
      <p>Going forward, all global business activities&mdash;including  sales, drug registration, and publicity&mdash;shall be conducted under the name Lotus  Pharmaceuticals, although its well-known Chinese name may continue to be used  in Chinese consumer markets. For 2005, the Company reported over $15.8 million  in revenues, almost $2.6 million in net profits, plus net assets exceeding $7.5  million. For the past three fiscal years combined, its revenues exceeded a  total of $31.2 million. Based on its first quarter sales for 2006&mdash;exceeding $5  million&mdash;the Beijing-based manufacturer anticipates revenues surpassing $20  million this year. An SEC-approved audit shall commence this month.</p>
      <p>Valsartan Capsules, among Lotus&rsquo;s best-selling products, is a medication for  primary hypertension or high blood pressure. Valsartan first came to market in America  in 1996, known as Diovan. The Novartis AG version of the Diovan product  generated almost 17 percent of that company's 2004 revenues from branded pharmaceuticals.  Novartis predicts the drug might be its first to generate annual revenues of  more than $5 billion. </p>
      <p>Dr. Liu Zhongyi, CEO of Lotus Pharmaceuticals, commented: ``With increased  production and marketing, we believe that Valsartan should dominate the Chinese  market, where over nine percent of the population suffers from high blood  pressure. Based on the number of patients worldwide afflicted, we believe that  Valsartan should gain a substantial share of this multi-billion dollar  hypertension drug market. For parties interested in Lotus&rsquo;s developments, our  new bilingual website is currently under construction.&rdquo;</p>
      <p>Mr. Gary L. Wolfson, Genesis CEO, added: ``Health care is a trillion dollar  industry worldwide, and blood pressure ailments afflict about one third of the  U.S. population according to the American Heart Institute.&nbsp; Genesis has two basic goals in partnering  with Lotus: (1) we want to create a public company that supports Lotus&rsquo;s growth  and development, while rewarding shareholders; and (2) we want to make  Valsartan available to the hundreds of millions of patients who suffer from  hypertension.&rdquo;</p>
      <p>Note: The Annual Shareholders Meeting has been scheduled for Friday, May 19,  2006, at 1 o'clock P.M. at the China World Hotel in Beijing, China, located at  No. 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue; telephone (8610) 6505-2266, facsimile (8610)  6505-0828, email <a href="mailto:cwh@shangri-la.com">cwh@shangri-la.com</a> and  website <a href='http://volisito.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E43434B4240470E40420E400E41464A4B4544450E08.aspx'>http://www.shangri-la.com</a>. </p>
      <p><b>About Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.</b><br>
        Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (known in China  as Liang Fang Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.) is a large comprehensive enterprise which  deals in an integration of the production, trade and retailing of  pharmaceuticals. It possesses the most advanced pharmaceutical-making equipment  now in China,  workshops authenticated by the National GMP, a number of first-rate medicines  and other types of medicines produced solely in this corporation, and a large  group of high-tech personnel. Lotus covers a business and office area of 2,000  square meters and a storehouse of 1,000 square meters. Altogether there are  four organs attached to this corporation handling respectively the scientific  research on new medicine, the production, wholesale and retail of medicine. </p>
      <p><b>About Genesis Technology Group, Inc. </b><br>
        Genesis Technology Group, Inc. is a business development firm that fosters  bilateral commerce between Western and Chinese companies. Genesis has created  successful profit centers in product development, manufacturing, distribution,  joint ventures and operational services. The Company has offices in the United    States and China.  A 75% owned subsidiary of Genesis, Genesis Equity Capital, LLC assists Chinese  and Western companies in formulating strategies to increase equity value, while  targeting Western stock exchanges as a source of capital and shareholder  support. The core strength of GEP management is creating a first rate plan to  create investor awareness and bring in long-term individual and institutional  investors. GEP should create liquidity in the stock and gain investor awareness  by using tested channels of communications by cogently articulating the  companies' stories. GEP has built successful channels with expertise in  screening and selecting Chinese companies that possess solid business histories  and professional management, and North American public companies and shells  that possess a shareholder base and a history of auditing and filing, as  required by the U.S. Securities &amp; Exchange Commission. For more  information, visit <a href='http://volisito.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E43434B4240470E40420E400E41434B4A46464B0E08.aspx'>http://www.genesis-technology.net</a>. </p>
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      Contact: &nbsp; <br>
      Genesis Technology Group, Inc. <br>
      Kenneth Clinton<br> 
      Email: KenClinton@genesis-technology.net <br>
      Phone: 561-988-9880<br> 
      Fax: 561-988-9890 </td>
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