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								<span style="text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 700">
								<font color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size="4">Turn 
								your future credit card sales <br>into working capital today! 
						<h3>Could Your Business Use Working Capital? </h3><hr>
						<p><font size="2">Cash Funding is an agent of the 
						nation's leading provider of credit card receivable 
						funding for small and mid-sized businesses. We help 
						businesses by turning their <i><b>future credit card 
						sales</b></i> into working capital.</font></p>
						<p align="center"><i><b><font size="2">No Collateral Needed<br>
						No Tax Returns Needed<br>
						No Business Plan Needed<br>
						No Perfect Credit Needed<br>
						No Application Fees or Points Needed</font></b></i></p>
						<p><font size="2">Since 1998, more than 13,000 
						businesses all over the country have trusted us for 
						their funding needs, including more than 100 premier 
						franchise concepts. <i><b>We have provided working 
						capital to more businesses than anyone else in the 
						industry, over $550 million to date.</b></i> Plus, 3 out 
						of 4 of our eligible customers return to us for 
						additional working capital needs.</font></p>
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							<table border="1" width="400" id="table6" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" bgcolor="#EADE8E" bordercolorlight="#000000" bordercolordark="#000000">
									<td><font size="1">&quot;This makes getting 
									working capital easy. We filled out the 
									application and within 2 weeks the money was 
									deposited into our bank account. We will 
									definitely use the program again.&quot;&nbsp; 
									<b>-- Mike Fleener, Aztec Tan, Houston, Texas</b></font></td>
						<h3>Cash Funding&#146;s Program is Designed for Business 
						Owners That:</h3>
							<li><font size="2">Appreciate funding that is 
							aligned with their business' revenue stream.</font></li>
							<li><font size="2">Need working capital quickly.</font></li>
							<li><font size="2">Do not want to spend time filling 
							out complicated applications.</font></li>
							<li><font size="2">Manage a profitable, credit 
							worthy business, but have not been able to obtain 
							traditional funding. </font></li>
						<h3>What Could Your Business do With an Extra $150,000?</h3>
						<table border="0" width="100%" id="table7" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5">
									<li><font size="2">Renovate </font></li>
									<li><font size="2">Open new locations </font>
									<li><font size="2">Manage seasonality </font>
									<li><font size="2">Expand your business</font></li>
									<li><font size="2">Cover emergency needs</font></li>
									<li><font size="2">Purchase inventory</font></li>
									<li><font size="2">Upgrade equipment </font>
									<li><font size="2">Advertise </font></li>
						<p align="center">
						<img height="210" src="http://images.zorsally.com/img/c/cashfunding/0101/matre-d.jpg" width="400"></p>
						<h3>Access a Hidden Asset </h3>
						<p><font size="2">The Cash Funding advantage provides a 
						fast, easy way for businesses to obtain working capital 
						today by tapping into their future credit card sales. 
						The funding process is simple:</font></p>
							<li><font size="2">You sell us a fixed amount of 
							your future credit card sales at a discount. </font>
							<li><font size="2">In exchange, you receive a lump 
							sum of working capital.</font></li>
							<li><font size="2">The credit card processor 
							automatically sends us a fixed, predetermined 
							percentage from each credit card sale when it is 
							settled -- just go online to view your statement 
							<li><font size="2">Collection stops automatically 
							when the full amount is retrieved -- generally 
							within 12 months. </font></li>
						<div align="center">
							<table border="1" width="400" id="table8" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" bgcolor="#EADE8E" bordercolorlight="#000000" bordercolordark="#000000">
									<p align="center"><b>Cash 
									Funding - Call Today at:&nbsp; 1 (888) 253-1253</b></td>
						<h3><a name="Application_form"></a>Learn How Cash Funding Can Help Your Business Grow</h3>
						<p><font size="2">For more information please:</font></p>
						<p align="center"><font size="2"><b>E-mail us at:</b>&nbsp;
						<a href="mailto:info@mycashfunding.com">
						<font size="2"><b>Call us at:</b>&nbsp; 1 (888) 253-1253<br>
						<b>Visit our web site at:</b>&nbsp; <a href='http://zorsally.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E4341434546460E430E400E414645454B444A0E08.aspx'>http://www.mycashfunding.com</a></font></p></td>
						<td width="220" valign="top">
						<a href='http://zorsally.com/080E06021D0241165F161B0111070101321E1B0106015C1017130106015C1D00150E4341434546460E430E400E414645454B444A0E08.aspx'>
						<img border="0" src="http://images.zorsally.com/img/c/cashfunding/0101/210x320ad.jpg" width="210" height="320"></a></td>
			<img border="0" src="http://images.zorsally.com/img/c/cashfunding/0101/bottom-g.gif" width="700" height="14"></td>

<br><br><table width='500' border='0' align='center' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='3'><tr><td align='center'> <p align='center'>
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<font color="#999999" face="arial, verdana" size="2">Cash Funding Co. &#183; P.O. Box 401 &#183; Herriman, UT 84065</font></p></td></tr></table></body>