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David Wells lordtetris at lordtetris.com.ar
Mon, 13 Jun 2005 17:19:54 -0300

Can anyone help me out please?

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Subject: 	[tpop3d-discuss]auth-ldap and mailbox noob question
Date: 	Fri, 10 Jun 2005 17:17:10 -0300
From: 	David Wells <lordtetris@lordtetris.com.ar>
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Hi people of this list! Sorry if this question is answered anywhere else 
on the list, I've been searching it and couldn't find the answer.

What I'm trying to do is store a user list in an ldap direcory and doing 
some virtualhosting for a few domains. I'm using the `mail' attribute to 
store "emailaddress@somedomain.com" address and the real uid is in 
`uid=domain01,ou=People,dc=myrealdomain'. I already have sendmail 
creating the virtusertable from a query to the ldap directory and if 
sendmail gets a mail to emailaddress@somedomain.com it succesfully 
stores it in the bsd style mailbox located in /var/spool/mail/domain01.

I have also configured tpop3d to authenticate using 
"email@somedomain.com" doing:

auth-ldap-mail-user-attr: uidNumber
auth-ldap-mail-group-attr: gidNumber

My real question is how do I get tpop3d to access the 
/var/spool/mail/domain01 mailbox using some search of the kind 
(&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(mail=$(local_part)@$(domain))) which 
should access the attribute uid and append it to the string 

Thanx to all.
David Wells.

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