[tpop3d-discuss]Issues on strip-domain and $(domain) variable

Richard Fincher richard at room101.co.uk
Sun, 16 Jan 2005 23:46:21 +0000

I am looking to migrate from Q-popper to tpop3d, and have managed to work
out most of what I needed to from reading the man files, and the archives
of the mailing lists.

I have about 250 POP3 users, who all connect to the same host/IP number,
using POP3 usernames which at present correspond with Unix logons, and
are looked up in /etc/shadow.  I would like to begin being able to assign
sid@domain1.com and sid@domain2.com as different logons.  To do this, I
would like people to be able to use their entire email address as POP3
usernames, and have the POP3 server distinguish between them.  I understand
that the "strip-domain" directive in "/etc/tpop3d.conf" is used for this.

I am also switching to "maildir" format, and can get everything to work fine
when using maildir:/var/spool/maildir/$(user)  What I cannot do, is use the
directive maildir:/var/spool/maildir/$(domain)/$(local-part)  The result is
an error saying thus:

try_mailbox_locations: Variable has null value near `$(domain)/$(loca'

The same thing happens if I try:


It appears that the "domain" variable is blank in my current configuration.

My configure string was:
./configure --enable-auth-passwd  --enable-shadow-passwords 
--disable-auth-pam --enable-mbox-maildir

My configuration file was:
strip-domain: true
timeout-seconds: 600
log-facility: mail
mailbox: maildir:/var/spool/maildir/$(domain)/$(local_part)
maildir-exclusive-lock: true
auth-passwd-enable: true
auth-passwd-mail-group: mail

Other information:
Slackware Linux 8.1
MTA: Exim 4.20

Exim Transport:
   driver = appendfile
   create_directory = true
   directory_mode = 700
   directory = /var/spool/maildir/${domain}/${local_part}/
   headers_remove = "Bcc"
   user = mail
   group = mail
   mode = 660

I've tried adjusting the permissions of the files/directories under