[tpop3d-discuss][PATCH] Simplify migration from qpopper to tpop3d

Daniel Tiefnig tpop3d at inode.at
Wed, 02 Feb 2005 14:45:58 +0100

Martin Blapp wrote:
> What other patches have you made?

Just some new features,[0] and a bugfix to PID File handling.

> I'm still looking for the fix for the buffer truncation problem :-(

Can't easily help you with that. I'd guess the client is just
overrunning an input buffer on the server side, but I'm not sure whom to
blame. (tpop3d, operating system?) Chris may be able to track that down.


[0] maildir recursion into IMAP folders, (allready in CVS) a GDBM
authenticator, qmail_pop3d unique-ids, a patch that avoids stat() on
files in maildirs and a patch that lowercases usernames retrieved by the
POP3 "USER" command and/or databases.