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>  - when designing and using highly avaliable large e-mail system we need
a storage area, it's not a good idea to have mail directories in one     big
folder beacuse of I/O disk stress. To avoid this we can use hash
function to divide user maildirs in special directory tree.
>    One of such function is exim's nhash(), it's very simple to use it
when storing mail. The function i very efficent and allow us to
seperate e-mails equal through the directories.
>    One of the idea is to implement into tpop3d such function.
>    As we have mbox, maildir types we could have nhash type, for example
>    nhash:/var/mail/$(local_part) would append the proper hash to the
/var/mail, or we could also use /var/mail/$(local_part)@$(domain) to
calculate the hash of the whole e-mail address.
>    Another idea is to calculate the hash with php, or other languages
that frontends are based on.
>    This is generally used when storing users in databases and the mail
path is retrieved from db.

Use of hashed mail spools is already available, as explained in the
tpop3d.conf man page.

Example from my config here:

mailbox: bsd:/var/spool/mail/$(user[0])/$(user)