[tpop3d-discuss]problem with ioabs_tcp_post_select

Richard Stockton tpop3d at richardleestockton.org
Thu, 27 May 2004 14:25:43 -0700

Hi there,

I recently tried to update to 1.5.3 from 1.4.2.
I was forced to go back to 1.4.2.

While using 1.5.3, any time the log contained a
"ioabs_tcp_post_select" for any user, that user's mail
would not be deleted or marked read, so every time she
logged on, she would get the same mail, over and over.

Example log line:
"May 27 13:46:14 mail tpop3d[28656]: ioabs_tcp_post_select: client 
[6]rrrent06(209.xx.xxx.xx): connection closed by peer"

Users which did not have that line in the log, did not
have any problems, but I'm having difficulty figuring
out what else those users have in common.

I would like to use the latest version, but due to this
problem, I am unable to do so.  Any help appreciated.
  - Richard Stockton