[tpop3d-discuss]Outlook duplicate messages

Matthew Trent mtrent at localaccess.com
Mon, 24 May 2004 10:02:34 -0700

On Friday 21 May 2004 06:56 pm, Dragos Nitu wrote:
> I had the same problem with Microsoft Outlook. I didn't try the other
> patch, it seemed broken :). However I needed a quick hack before the
> problem is solved, so I made this patch which transforms the QUIT command
> in timeout (10 seconds), so tpop3 can process other commands.

Can you rephrase that for me? :) I'm not following...

> The problem is that if after quit, if there are other commands, the
> connection stays open at least timeout-seconds (default 30). However,
> Outlook seems to close the connection itself, so it works OK (with a
> warning from tpop3d).

You're saying it works OK... after the patch is applied?

I guess I'm having trouble understanding your approach. It looks like you're 
increasing the timeout if there's a QUIT command? I thought the problem was 
we weren't even getting to that point in the code because Outlook had closed 
the connection immediately after sending QUIT?

> Normal clients, which send the QUIT command last, have to wait 10 seconds
> before the connection is actually closed. If they close the connection,
> tpop3d gives a warning, but it doesn't crashes anymore.

Are you talking about before or after the patch? Are you saying that with this 
patch applied, normal (non-Outlook) clients will stall out for 10 seconds 
every time they check mail?

> I know that this doesn't *really* solves the problem, but maybe it can help
> somebody.

A hack is fine with me, if it'll get people off my back about this problem!

Your patch made me think of another idea for a workaround that might help. 
What if we executed a QUIT command artificially every time a client times 
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