[tpop3d-discuss]pop before smtp and logging..

Odhiambo Washington wash at wananchi.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 18:42:41 +0300

* James Gurney <james@globalmegacorp.org> [20040510 10:05]: wrote:
> 2 questions..
> 1. Ignoring the fact that pop-before-smtp is the root of all evil, has 
> anyone succesfully implemented this with postfix, using the builtin 
> system? I've had a look at the relaydbm script, but I must confess my 
> perl knowledge is sorely lacking, and if someone else has done this 
> already, it would make my life a lot easier, and far better than the 
> kludgy system I use now which tail -f's the logfile.

Does Postfix support SASL auth daemon? If it did, you could find easy
life. I searched google for "Postfix+SASL" and got very good hits.
You can run saslauthd with flags "-a rimap -O localhost" to auth against
your IMAP server running on localhost.

> 2. The tpop3d logging is reaaallly noisy. One single mail check appears 
> to generate 6 lines of logfile. With multiple users all checking the 
> mail on a regular basis (ie, every 2 minutes), the mail log quickly gets 
> very big. Realistically, I don't need the current verbosity level. Hell, 
> I'd be happy with just logging failed connections. I know this has been 
> asked before, but I couldn't find a good answer - is there a way to make 
> the logging less noisy? It would be really handy if it was a 
> configuration option so you could enable more detailed logging for 
> troubleshooting, but leave it nice and quiet for day to day operations.

Are you running tpop3d in debug mode? With -v ??
I think that is what would generate all those lines.
But I am not speaking for Chris!! ;-))

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