[tpop3d-discuss]Re: 2in1: POP3 client and POP3 server (2)

jh@plonk.de jh at plonk.de
Fri, 07 May 2004 09:40:31 +0200

PDebski@econsulting.com.pl writes: 

(OT, since tpop3d is a pop3 SERVER, not a client) 

> POP3 server (out of my control) -> fetchmail -> exim -> tpop3d

fetchmail can use a MDA (procmail, maildrop) instead of SMTP, but that won't 
help you much. POP3 was never designed for such usage and I really wonder 
what you are going to do.
The point is, fetchmail has to connect, login, download and deliver, 
disconnect, reconnect, login, ... so you will have to run it in an endless 
loop, and connecting may have delays, connections may timeout etc. pp.
Anyway, it sounds you are better off with a pop3-proxy, but since I don't 
know your application, it's much like guessing. 

> What sort of the hardware should I design to handle 10 msgs/s of 
> average size of 10KB?

A recent standard PC should do.