[tpop3d-discuss]Confirmed bug with tpop3d-1.5.3

Darren Casey exim at darrencasey.co.uk
Sun, 4 Apr 2004 11:33:38 +0100

> > > it behaves like tpop regarding this.
> > > So I tend to say: Fix your MDA.
> >
> > I agree now but I was thinking it should look for blank lines with
> > \n
> > \n
> >
> > not accept a \n at the end of a line (Which is what is is doing)
> -- that's what you've got:
> "WWDC 2004 Session Descriptions Available\n\nFrom ..."

No what I mean is 2 single blank lines with nothing else but \n

Either way its not important, sorry for jumping to conclusions that it was
TPOP but I had checked with another POP3 system so just presumed

> > I still think it should do this check but also the MDA is wrong as you
> > have a genuine e-mail with two blank lines then the word From
> >
> > Its exim passing to a local sendmail we are using so I will have to
> > whats up there
> hmm. By default both exim and sendmail get this right, I
> think.

Exim pass's to sendmail, sendmail pass's to a perl script that wirtes the
spool file. I have re-coded the perl system to fix this but have not yet
tested with exim writting the spool file directly yet

But thanks ayway