[tpop3d-discuss] New tpop3d.conf file from scratch...

Dan Clark dan at scarfies.net
Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:17:43 +1200

Hi Guys,
        Just setup exim with mysql backend for storing domain and username
Now I am setting up 'tpop3d'. So I have edited tpop3d.conf and so far have

max-children: 20
mailbox: bsd:/var/mail/$(user)
auth-mysql-enable: yes
auth-mysql-hostname: blaa.scarfies.net
auth-mysql-database: mail
auth-mysql-username: blaa
auth-mysql-password: blaa

Now the problem I am having is 'incorrect password' for anything I try to
authenticate with.
I have try appending the domain name on the end and everything, can you tell
me what are the actual default table names auth-mysql looks for, (my
database is 'mail' and the domains table is 'domain' and the users table is

Dan Clark