[tpop3d-discuss] Help with a mysql query.

Leon Botes leon at trusc.net
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 12:28:44 +0200

Here's what i am trying to do:

Mysql database name = exim
Mysql database username = root
Mysql database password = (empty)

I have a table (locals) in the databse with the following fields:
dom ( the local domain name for the user)
user ( the local part a user would sent USER =   PASS = in a POP3 session )
passwd (the plain text password for the user)
mbox_type (essentially always bsd)

All mail gets delivered to /var/mail/(local_part)
I dont want to have subdirectories of domains if possible.

the conf file is now as such:

max-children: 20
strip-domain: yes
auth-mysql-enable: yes
auth-mysql-mail-group: mail
auth-mysql-hostname: localhost
auth-mysql-database: exim
auth-mysql-username: root
auth-mysql-pass-query: SELECT CONCAT('/var/mail/', 'S(local_part)'),
CONCAT('{plaintext}, passwd'), \
                                'user', 'mbox_type' FROM locals WHERE user =

but the debug gives me:

TCP Wrappers support enabled, using daemon name `tpop3d'
listening on address, port 110, domain trusc.office
1 authentication drivers successfully loaded
net_loop: tpop3d version 1.4.2 successfully started
connection_sendresponse: client [6] sent `+OK
listeners_post_select: client [6] connected
connection_parsecommand: client [6] received
`user test1'
connection_sendresponse: client [6] sent `+OK
Tell me your password.'
connection_parsecommand: client [6] received
`pass [...]'
connection_sendresponse: client [6] sent `-ERR
Lies! Try again!'
connection_do: client `[6]': username `test1': 1
authentication failures

I dont know if this syntax is correct, or if it is something to do with
If possible i would not like to use domains at any stage of the process.

Please can someone assist.
Thanks in advance.