[tpop3d-discuss] tpop3d and Lies try again message

Angel Marin anmar at gmx.net
Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:18:59 +0100

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> Probably the best approach would be to add an
> authentication failure message as a parameter to the
> different authenticators. Then you could use
> auth-other/auth-perl to do this. Thoughts?

It would also make sence on auth-mysql.

Anyway I see it as a too specific situation. It would be affordable if
authenticators were defined as routers are on Exim and actions associated
with an autentication were expanded ussing verbs (lserarch, mysql, ldap).
Then such a thing would be affordable, but that is not as tpop3d works and
customizing only an error message, only on some authenticators and only on a
way for each one ... I don't find it customizable enough or I'm missing

Just my view


Angel Marin