[tpop3d-discuss] serious problem with STAT response

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz arekm at pld-linux.org
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 16:33:11 +0200


I've recently switched into tpop3d 1.5.1 on our production server to get TL=
working (and it's working well) but there is another problem. Outlook clien=
doesn't fetch any mail!

POP3: 16:06:22 [tx] USER xyz
POP3: 16:06:22 [rx] +OK
POP3: 16:06:22 [tx] PASS **********
POP3: 16:06:22 [rx] +OK Tell me your password.
POP3: 16:06:22 [tx] STAT
POP3: 16:06:23 [rx] +OK Welcome aboard! You have 70 messages.
POP3: 16:06:23 [tx] QUIT

On other pop3 server it looks like:
POP3: 16:04:30 [tx] USER xyz
POP3: 16:04:30 [rx] +OK
POP3: 16:04:30 [tx] PASS *********
POP3: 16:04:30 [rx] +OK=20
POP3: 16:04:30 [tx] STAT
POP3: 16:04:31 [rx] +OK 25 136567
POP3: 16:04:31 [tx] LIST
POP3: 16:04:31 [rx] +OK=20
POP3: 16:04:31 [rx] 1 2887
POP3: 16:04:31 [rx] 2 2633

RFC1939 says:
             In order to simplify parsing, all POP3 servers are
             required to use a certain format for drop listings.  The
             positive response consists of "+OK" followed by a single
             space, the number of messages in the maildrop, a single
             space, and the size of the maildrop in octets.  This memo
             makes no requirement on what follows the maildrop size.
             Minimal implementations should just end that line of the
             response with a CRLF pair.  More advanced implementations
             may include other information.

                NOTE: This memo STRONGLY discourages implementations
                from supplying additional information in the drop
                listing.  Other, optional, facilities are discussed
                later on which permit the client to parse the messages
                in the maildrop.

Possible Responses:
             +OK nn mm

             C: STAT
             S: +OK 2 320

So it could be
+OK 70 1200 Welcome aboard! You have 70 messages.
but not as it is right now.

Ugh, that's serious bug unfortunately :-)
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