[tpop3d-discuss] tpop3d, version 1.5.1

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Fri, 29 Aug 2003 02:24:02 +0200

Chris Lightfoot wrote:

> (Thinking of which, there should probably be a timeout in
> reading passphrases. I suspect I'm the only person who
> actually uses key passphrases anyway, given the number of
> programs which don't support a -P type option....)

well, there is little use for a passphrase if you write it plain in an init

>> - (Unrelated to this particular release)
>> auth_mysql seems not to be used at all if the username has no domain
>> part. Would you accept a patch that changes this? This may sound
> Umm.... I remember this behaviour, but I think it's now
> been removed.

wow, so I'm really glad it did not use it before. :)

> Certainly looking at auth_mysql.c there's no
> longer an explicit check for a domain being present.
> Obviously if you specify a query involving $(domain) it
> won't be run if no domain is given.

it should, if $(user) is used in the query.
So, coming back to my question, would you accept a patch for this?
(Didn't look into the code for this yet, so I don't know how hard to make or
what it could break)

>> - IGNORE_CCLIENT_METADATA should be undefined if MBOX_BSD is
>> undefined. (any harm if not?)
> Hmm. At the moment the only effect is to generate a
> warning when compiling maildir.c. Your suggestion is
> noted.

at least there is a difference in the size of the compiled binary.