[tpop3d-discuss] Next release?

Paul Makepeace beasts.org at paulm.com
Thu, 14 Aug 2003 19:28:57 +0100

Philip Hazel noted earlier today,

  ``When I put together an Exim snapshot and ask for testers, a few
  people seem to try it out.

  If I do the same thing, but call it a new release, the world piles in,
  and finds the bugs.''

I've had a rash of user queries recently since putting CVS version up &
was hoping for a release if only for the purely selfish reason of
getting a few more eyeballs on it. Anything I can do to help?

Lingering issues; has anyone else seen:
        - missing bodies in email messages
        - messages appearing multiple times, one per retrieve session

First seems unlikely tpop3d, second might be some interaction with
Outlook 2003.

(I should point out 80%+ of reported issues here are things that turn
out to be related to the user reporting, so this anecdote is no
reflection on tpop3d. Genuine stuff I've seen I've patched.)


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