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Dom Gallagher dgallagher at starnetusa.net
Tue, 08 Oct 2002 10:39:55 -0500

At 12:00 PM 10/8/2002 +0100, ZUKERAN, shin / shin@opus.or.jp wrote:
>In message <3D99DE87.6070008@blahr.com>, Ben Schumacher writes:
> >As tpop3d uses MMAP to transfer data from a mail message
> >from the file system to the socket, it is probably not easy to modify
> >the content of the message during this transition.
>I agree strongly.
>It is the reason I asked by mail, without my making a patch.
> >While POP3 clients are having problems as a result of the lack of a
> >status header? What are they relying on the status header for?
>A certain user is using two mailers.
>He uses a mailer in a separate place, different PCs.
>Noone wants to read the same mail twice.
>And he wants to save all mails into one PC.

Sounds like what you're looking for is IMAP or webmail, not POP3.
IMAP is designed to do exactly what you specify.

With POP3, you can leave messages on server on one client to get a similar 
effect, although you will end up getting 2 copies of the stuff that gets 
checked by that client.

With regard to Status headers, tpop3d already handles them, just does not 
change them.  I check my mail on my server with a command-line client, and 
download messages at home, and those I've read are already marked read.
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