[tpop3d-discuss] tpop3d 1.5.1pre2 (with TLS support)

Chris Lightfoot chris at ex-parrot.com
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 00:41:31 +0000

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 12:13:33PM -0700, Ben Schumacher wrote:
> Chris Lightfoot wrote:
> |>| You don't know of any client which uses STLS, do you?
> |>| That's not tested at all....
> |>
> |>Eudora. I'll take a look at this, as well.
> |
> | Thanks.
> Eudora's STLS support looks good. I was able to login and authenticate
> correctly.

Excellent! It's nice when something works first time....

> The TLS support via Mozilla, also, looks good. I haven't had
> any issues, so far... but I am running in debug right now. I'll go ahead
> and start it up normally and see how it runs overnight. (I have
> relatively low usage on my box.)

Cheers. I think that the problem I was having with Mozilla
was associated with the buffering thing which is now
fixed. I don't know what's causing the Outlook 2000
connection reset thing. I can't reproduce it with Outlook
Express, and I don't have a recent version of Office to
hand. I suppose I can dig out '97 and see if that breaks

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