[tpop3d-discuss] hostname?

Paul Makepeace Paul.Makepeace at realprogrammers.com
Sun, 30 Jun 2002 23:59:55 +0100

On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 06:10:53PM +0100, Chris Elsworth wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 30, 2002 at 05:19:00PM +0200, Klaus Rene Hansen [ Sconk ] wrote:
> > how do i change the hostname (pukkelhval) to some thing else?
> > POP3< +OK <a48bc8aa5c46587b6cd6cd1e971f054c@pukkelhval>
> I believe it uses the value from /etc/resolv.conf listed as domain:
> domain  shagged.org

Having just been poking about in mutt sources, another possibility is
"search" in /etc/resolv.conf, after looking for "domain". Debian has a
/etc/mailname file which is created during install and is a single line
consisting of hostname.domain (or just hostname if no domain was given).
Incidently the domainname field in the utsname structure returned by
uname(2) is a GNUism.

Just fwiw, fyi,

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