[tpop3d-discuss] experimental CVS repository

Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:53:26 -0600 (MDT)

On Fri, 28 Jun 2002, Chris Lightfoot wrote:
> I have, experimentally, made the tpop3d CVS repository
> publically accessible for anonymous read-only access.
> Access it with
>   CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@sphinx.mythic-beasts.com:/home/chris/vcvs/repos
> with password `anonymous'. Assuming that this continues to
> work properly this mechanism will replace the distribution
> of pre-releases.
> I'd be grateful if various people out there in
> mailing-list-land can try this out to see if it works
> properly.

auth_flatfile seems to be missing. And I intend on building an auth_ruby
which I'll send back to you once I've got it working. Thanks for doing the
anon CVS Chris. It'll make it a lot easier to keep up with you. ;)