[tpop3d-discuss] small bug in configure script?

Jens Liebchen (ppp-design) jens at ppp-design.de
Fri, 28 Jun 2002 19:16:08 +0200

Chris Lightfoot wrote:

Hi Chris,

> Hmm. It works for me. Is there anything useful in
> config.log (please send only the relevant bit, which
> should be at the bottom...).

With deeper investigation I have found the error, allthough it is a
strange one:

First run of the configure with the following typo was:

./configure --enable-mysql-auth

Then, after realizing mysql support was not compiled in, I ran the
correct command:

./configure --enable-auth-mysql

The configure script is using the cached values and is not finding
mysql.h. After deleting the cache everything works fine. Imho a really
strange error, why is configure caching unneeded values?

Thanks and sorry for the false alert,

Jens Liebchen

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