[tpop3d-discuss] pop locks-

Chris Lightfoot chris at ex-parrot.com
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 15:10:40 +0100

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 03:32:36PM -0400, Michael Klatsky wrote:
> Chris-
> I am getting a fairly larger number of stale locks (hours, etc) than we
> used to get. I am getting more calls from my NOC about this.
> I don't see tpop3d exiting uncleanly- and overall it appears to be
> working.

What PID is appearing in the lock files? Does it
definitely correspond to a tpop3d process?

One thing you could thin about doing, if you are sure that
your MTA and other user agents on the machine will
interact nicely with it, is to switch off dotfile locking.
The other types of locks (flock, fcntl) are released when
the process holding them exits, so you should not have any
problems with stale locks. However, this does not help in
determining why the stale locks are occurring.

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