[tpop3d-discuss] pop locks-

Prune Prune at lecentre.net
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 00:28:57 +0200

Michael Klatsky wrote:

>I am getting a fairly larger number of stale locks (hours, etc) than we
>used to get. I am getting more calls from my NOC about this.
>I don't see tpop3d exiting uncleanly- and overall it appears to be
>I am investigating a few other possibilities and I'll report them to
>you. I just wanted to make sure there was nothing obvious.

just for debug, try to run a cron with a find, lookung for lock file...
match this with the log file...

As said Chris :
- a lock means a tpop3d process reading the mailbox
- a tpop3d which crashes before removing the lock
- another program (postfix or any MTA ?) locking the box at the same time

this is hard to traceback... but tpop3d does not put locks for jocking :))