[tpop3d-discuss] pop locks-

Michael Klatsky mklatsky at cttel.com
20 Jun 2002 08:57:10 -0400

Chris and Prune-

I have now had tpop in production since last we spoke, and overall is
running very nicely.

One issue that has cropped up, however, is a number of issues related to
stale pop locks (yes I know - maildir is the way- I'll get there

Here are typical log entries:

Jun 16 21:13:27 loon tpop3d[18455]:
dotfile_lock(/var/spool/mail/d/da/daniel): unable to link hitching post
to lock file: File exists
Jun 16 21:13:29 loon tpop3d[18455]:
dotfile_unlock(/var/spool/mail/d/da/daniel): lockfile does not have our

Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance!



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