[tpop3d-discuss] open sockets...

Michael Klatsky mklatsky at cttel.com
09 Jun 2002 20:30:23 -0400

Chris & Prune-

First of all- I want to say a big thanks for all your help in
implementing DARC, and in addressing the segfault on incorrect password

It looks like there is one issue that I see- and I believe it's a
"solaris" ism as I haven't seen much about the issue...

I have a system (my "semi-production" system)  which has 3 regular
users. Doing an lsof shows 241 open tpop3d connections in either
CLOSE_WAIT (63) or ESTABLISHED (177). These have been open for quite
awhile (hours).

This seems quite high, and I would believe that tpop isn't releasing the
connections to the ldap server. Some output:

tpop3d     418     root  236u  IPv4 0x30001500e10     0t697    TCP
tpop3d     418     root  237u  IPv4 0x30001500050     0t792    TCP
tpop3d     418     root  238u  IPv4 0x3000155be60     0t697    TCP
tpop3d     418     root  239u  IPv4 0x3000150e908     0t792    TCP
tpop3d     418     root  240u  IPv4 0x30001568e18     0t697    TCP

I'm currently looking into the Solaris tuning aspects too, and I'll give
some feedback on that.


On Sat, 2002-06-08 at 17:04, Michael Klatsky wrote:
> Drac is working in a test environment...:)
> I'll be dropping it into a (semi) production environment and see how it
> goes- I'll let you know.
> One thing to note- make sure that libdrac.a is in your LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
> otherwise confgure won't pick it up.
> M


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