[tpop3d-discuss] new features I would like to implement

Jeff Davis list-tpop at dynworks.com
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 18:57:11 -0800

I have been using tpop3d for a while now, and it has worked very well. 
Recently, upon setting up new servers, I decided to investigate the issue 
again and found that tpop had almost all of the capabilities that I require.

I looked at the code and it appears to be *very* clean and orderly, so I 
decided I would like to make the additions myself. Here is what I'm 
interested in:

1) dbm authentication driver. I can write the basic support for db3 so that 
it may access a dbm file for authentication. 
2) python interpreter built in. I would like to add an option for compile 
time similar to the perl interpreter. 

My question is this: if I made these changes, would they be integrated into 
the main release (assuming, of course, that it was up to the quality 
standards and purely optional at compile time)? I would like to see these 
make it into the main release, but if they won't, I won't mess around with 
the build system.

Also, regarding the DBM auth driver: does anyone have any opinions about how 
it might work? My plan was to have it search for the key "user@domain" and 
find the md5-encrypted password, and the users mailbox directory and type 
(i.e. maildir or mailspool). Would this plan work well with most other 
people's configurations (assuming someone else uses dbm files)? Are there 
compatibility issues I should be concerned with, or should I assume most 
people will use db3 (or should I assume db2)? I haven't used gdbm much, but I 
assume if I stick with the simple parts of the API I will be OK.

Thanks to all the developers!