[tpop3d-discuss] setting up POP before relay

klebermass@limtec.de klebermass at limtec.de
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 08:12:20 +0100

Im on the way to hack some code  into the auth_mysql modul  to get an Query
that updates my Database with the IP of the Customer, ( and the actual time)
so that i can test with exim if there is an entry in the db  with the same
ip and a time, which is less than x minutes.

Till now  im using an older tpop3d where i put ah hack inside to test if the
sender emailadress has fetched mails the last 10 minutes, but this is far to
strickt ( eg if someone has one popbox and 3 forwards he can only send mails
with the popbox but not with the forwards)

But because im not the best in C, this can take some more time.
Perhaps u can tell me the error in my code
 ( in function auth_mysql_new_user_pass(...) ) :

after :
pw = getpwuid(uid);

                if (!pw) {
                    print_log(LOG_ERR, "auth_mysql_new_user_pass:
%m", (int)uid);

i put the following code :
( i know its not the best coding stile tu use if (1) but  c alows only to
define vars at the beginning, not in the middle and i want to keep my test
code together)

                 // CM Update
                char *spquery;
                const char smtpapop_query_template[] = "UPDATE popbox set
time=now(),clienthost='%s' where uid=%s";
                spquery = (char*)malloc(sizeof(smtpapop_query_template) +
lengths[4] + sizeof(host));
                //CM Update ende

it alwas termintates the process during the first  pop3 - fetch - call.

Anyone  good ideas how i can solve this?

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> Hi,
> I am wondering if any of you could help me with setting up POP before SMTP
> relay.  I have tpop3d working with Exim, and mysql, using vmail-sql.
> I just don't really know where to begin.  So, any nudges in the right
> direction would be appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Ryan LeBlanc
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