[tpop3d-discuss] Problems with auth_other

Allan Joergensen dw at nowhere.dk
Tue, 8 Jan 2002 11:52:17 +0100

After trying out auth_perl, I found out, as pointed out earlier, that I
too suffered from some sort of memory leak.

I then tried using auth_other and TPOP3D::AuthDriver and it seems, that
either my Perl skills are very poor or something's wrong in tpop3d (the
program authenticates the user against a MySQL base).

The problem is:

when the user first logs in, the user is either authenticated or

Then, based on circumstances I can not figure out, the next login
attempt will be the same as the first, ie if the user tries foo/bar the
next login attempt also tries foo/bar, even if the user inputs bar/foo.

The Perl program is based heavily on the Oracle script in the
distribution and the TPOP3D::AuthDriver documentaion.

Allan Joergensen aka [DW] on eu.openprojects.net

"You do have a certain flair for sarcasm."--Garak