[tpop3d-discuss] Feature request

Martin Kleberma▀ klebermass at limtec.de
Mon, 2 Dec 2002 21:03:42 +0100

As of the definition of the SMTP Protokol ( or where is the email addresse
defiened)  i think there should not exist case sensitivity.

So every authentication system where the comparison of the user_name is done
internal ( eg u cant define it yourself like it is eg with SQL where u can
do the case insensitivity in the sql string) must compare it so that the
writing ( UPERCASE or lowercase ) doesnt matter.
So there isnt an option like 'lowercase-username: yes'. needed but the
authentication method has to be rewritten so the bug doesnt appear again.

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> Hi,
> this is my first post on this list, so I first want to thank Chris
Lightfoot for
> tpop3d. We have change from cucipop to tpop3d in the same time we've
change our
> mailbox format from mbox to maildir.
> For us, the username must not be case sensitive. So I wrote a small patch
> 'strtolower' the user supplied username (all our user are store in
> A new configuration option would be nice. Something like
> yes'.
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